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PJ’s Family Campground – Stockbridge, MI


Upon arriving at PJ’s Family Campground, we found the price was right and had made reservations for a week. Little did we know that the bathroom and shower facilites were a total mess.

The playground for our grandchildren had only 1 swing. There were no sewer hookups… just water (which had a very bad smell) and electric. The 2 ponds made the misquitoes thrive and you could not sit outside. We used 3 cans of Raid misquitoe spray in 1 week just to keep them out of the motorhome.

There was mold around the ceiling of the shower house and in the shower stalls. It looked as if the sink basins had not been cleaned out for the entire week we were there. It was 3 days before someone swept the floor.

I would not recommend this to anyone traveling in the Stockbridge Michigan area.

  1. J smith says

    I recommend that you don’t waste your time going here. The water is dirty. We had to replace our water pump. It’s a very dated park.

  2. M. Willis says

    I have camped @ PJ’s since 2008, first in small motorhome and now in small camper. We love the peace and quite, the campers are all friendly, the fishing ponds are fun! If you like to relax this is the place to be! The owners are older folks with a lot of energy keeping the place up. Any issue at all and the owner is right there to take care of it. The bathrooms are dated but I also found them clean, can’t say that for many campgrounds! All in all, peace and quiet is PJ’s.

  3. Teri says

    We love PJ’s, yes its not modern, but the people here are super! This is camping! Makes me chuckle to read one of the above reviews, “nothing much for the kids to do”, what is wrong with the great outdoors! After all it is called camping! Well we love it here at PJ’s best kept secret! Good ole mom and pop’s operation here! Support the little guy America!

  4. Ann Glasgow says

    We have camped at PJ’s Campground quite a few times and enjoy it very much! We have brought grandchildren along and they loved the fishing there and used the playground equipment. And we just camped there a week ago. There were no mosquitos and we had a campfire and sat out for several hours. The man who works at PJs told us they were using a new mosquito spray. Most of all I enjoy the quiet there, and we have always been welcomed.

  5. C. Parmalee says

    Our camping club goes here each October because they have an enclosed room we can use. Other then that requirement I would never camp there otherwise. There is nothing much for children to do and the bathrooms are very dated. The dump station is not easy to use for two units at a time. The owner seems to puts little investment back into the property.

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