Riverside Oasis Campground and RV Park – Moab, UT

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Riverside Oasis is 1.5 miles from the Arches National Park.  Good location, you can easily ride your bike to the Arches if you are energetic. However, this RV park is best suited for campers, travel trailers, popups, and smaller Class C’s (in addition to tents). Although I saw a few larger Class A’s here, it’s a tight fit for them.

The “back-ins” are best for campers. I have a 32 foot Class C with a carrier on the back for my scooter, and the “pull-through” I had was… well… let’s just say, I PRAYED that no one would “clip” my front end or back end while they were driving in the driving area… and I also prayed that I could exit my space without “clipping” the truck parked cross-wise in front of the travel trailer next to me!

Road noise wasn’t bad, but there was “construction noise” early in the morning from a crane that is working on a construction project nearby. There is about five feet width of grass between each space. Enough room for the picnic table that each site had. Cable was great, 70 channels (all analog). Wi-Fi worked ok, was a little slow at times. It was free, but it was from Tengo, and you had to work around the initial “sign up for a Tengo account” screen. A little misleading.

There is a pay phone in case your cell phone doesn’t work. The laundry room is open only between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Restrooms/showers were clean. On the outside of the main building is a stainless steel “deep sink” if you need. There was a sign that said “Pets, $5 fee.” I mentioned that I had a cat. I was told, “Cats don’t count.” Well, then the sign should say “Dog fee” not “Pet Fee.”

This is a good place to stay if you want to visit the Arches National Park.


  1. We were not able to stay. I feel that this campground discriminates against persons with disabilities in direct violation of the federal ADA. Because we were travelling with a service animal, the owner refused us access to tent sites and cabins. The owner insisted that we needed paperwork showing certification. We filed a complaint with the local authorities and will pursue this to a satisfactory end.

  2. I’m sorry Pam G. that you didn’t have a good experience but I, like Beth, think there was probably more to your story that you aren’t telling us (like you were probably louder than you thought after 10P). We are on the last day of our stay, having stayed four days. We couldn’t be happier about our experience. The owners are very friendly, escorted us to our campsite and let us know that our site would be watered that night and to make sure not to leave anything on the ground that we wouldn’t want wet (by the way, it is a very unique “flooding” system, not a sprinkler and takes only a few minutes. No problem!). We have done the typical tourist-y things, Arches, Canyonlands, boat trip, etc. and the owners couldn’t have been nicer about answering our questions. We have one of the outer sites (#10) and the green, green grass is more than adequate and space between trailers is fine. We didn’t bring our dog but the campground has several so I don’t think that’s a problem. The facilities are all modern and clean. It’s true that campfires are not allowed but that’s not a big deal, alot of campgrounds – especially in hot, dry areas – don’t allow campfires. This campground is clean, comfortable, QUIET! and close to Arches. We will definitely stay here again. Thanks.

  3. Pam, Sounds like we’re only hearing one side of the story. What exactly do you consider “visiting”. Most of your fellow campers would like a little peace and quiet after 10pm. If you were camping next to me, I’d kick you out myself. Regarding campfires, did you ever consider that was a rule dictated by local ordinance? Campgrounds often restrict campfires during certain times of the year. Sounds like a well managed campground with reasonable rules to me. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I normally don’t do this, but felt it was absolutely necessary to let everyone out there know to never stay at this campground! In my opinion the owners are very unfriendly! I feel that the customer service is absolutely appaling! If you are staying in one of the cabins, be prepared to pay extra for your bedding (since that is not included in the price)! If you wish to shower after 11 AM, you have to pay $5. They seemed extremely rude when we checked in or even when we asked them the most minute questions. There were no campfires allowed (even if contained), and if we wanted to use the provided BBQ pit, we must ask permission first! There was no visiting with our friends after 10 PM… which is deemed as “quiet time”. If you are visiting, watch out…they yell at you if you don’t comply! They even threaten to kick us out! Don’t bring your pets here, they say they are welcome, but they cannot be in the cabins and they cannot be on the grassy areas at all! I recommend that you spend your money somewhere else. In today’s economy, people are being more cautious about spending money and I for one want to support businesses that enjoy their business and their customers!


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