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I enjoy camping at Strawberry Park, they offer a lot of activities and amenities. They are a little expensive but with all they have to offer you can see why.

I wish they would cater a little more to the regular campers, they seem to favor the seasonal sites and they are slowly filling up the park with them. That is very disappointing to me as I have been going here for 15 years and would love to continue going for a lot more.


  1. I will never stay here again! They say it’s a pet friendly park, yet I was walking my dog and a member of their staff stopped me and said ” there is no walking of dogs in the park”, My husband and I just wanted to take an evening walk. For the price of this park I think it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t call that pet friendly. The price is not worth it. Everything in this park is too expensive.

  2. I have camped my entire life and this was by far the worst campground I have ever been to. The bathrooms were very dirty. No hadicap excess at all. No floaties are allowed on toddlers in the pool. What’s wrong with that picture? Beware when you think of going there.

  3. I would never return. First, dogs are confined to the campsite. Yes, they have a large dog park, but you have to drive there. My dogs bark if left alone, so we could not leave them in the camper and go off and do family things. Either my husband or I had to stay back with the dogs. We couldn’t even go in the pool together. Yes, I realize the dogs cannot go in the pool area, but I would have sat outside the fence with the dogs on leash so I could at least be with my husband and daughter. We would have taken turns in the pool. Second, you are not suppose to drive your car around. Instead, if you don’t want to walk, there is the option of renting a golf cart at over $300 for the week. You can rent a car for a lot less than that for a week! Meanwhile you paid an arm and a leg just to camp. Brings me to the third issue, it is VERY expensive to camp here. Yes they have pools and activities, but the activities are pretty lame. Egg toss, red light green light and the best… treasure diving… staff throw coins in the pool, you have one breath to bring up as many coins as possible, each amount is worth points. Your prize? A ribbon. Fourth, although you cannot “walk” your dog, so many people had their dogs riding in their golf carts. What is the difference, it still made the other dogs bark. Fifth, although all the staff we came across were nice enough, except the one older woman in the office. I don’t think she can even smile, never mind, greet you. Sixth, the three pools, actually two if you are not over 21, are extremely crowded. My daughter got kicked in the face from someone trying to do a somersault under water and jumped on by a kid jumping in. It’s interesting, because a lot of the regular campsites were empty for the week. So how can the pools be so crowded? Busloads of summer camp kids are allowed in to use the pools and other facilities. Seventh, the internet doesn’t work so don’t bother paying for it. They try to tell you to go outside your camper, but it still doesn’t work. Finally, Strawberry Park seems to be focused primarily on the people who have purchased and developed sites in their campground. I suspect that ‘transient’ campers like us and summer camp kids are welcomed only because we help pay the bills for the seasonal campers. On a positive note, I never used the public restrooms so I cannot review them, but the campground seemed clean enough and had a well stocked store.

  4. We have our camper in storage at Strawberry Park. We really love Strawberry Park and our 40′ King of the Road Royalite Fifth wheel includes a bunkhouse and solid oak cabinets throughout. Please email us if you are interested in purchasing. Year 2002, Price $25,000.00
    [email protected]

  5. I feel the campground was highly over rated. It did have a lot of activities for the kids but several of them cost additional (tye dye, ceramics & pony rides). The sites were small and dusty if you aren’t in the field. Bathrooms weren’t very clean, place was very crowded, expensive to stay there and if you wanted to rent a golf cart they’re $69 per day! The pool was very crowded and if you didn’t get there very early in the morning then you didn’t get a chair. People would go early, put their towels on chairs and not come back for hours. Twice we went to the tye dye activity and once you purchased the shirts there was no one around to instruct everyone what to do. I just didn’t feel that it was as wonderful as everyone hyped it up to be.

  6. We have been camping here for about 7 years and I have to say it is our favorite places to camp. They have quite a few activities to do from 8am until around 10pm. The staff is very friendly. We stayed in the back middle and up top and you are still close to everything.

  7. We travel in a 40 foot Fifth Wheel. Not many places accomodate a unit that large but at Strawberry Park there is no problem at all.

    My kids ages 6 and 3 look forward to this trip. It has become an annual event. We love the park that much. There are activities from sun up to past sun down. There are also many day trip to choose from. The park is around the corner basically from Foxwoods and about 25 minutes from Mohegan Sun. We love it and cannot wait for this years trip! Berry Patch kids is wonderful. Gives the kids a sense of independence. You can drop off potty trained kids from 9 – is camp within a camp!

  8. Always have a great time here. This will be our 16th year in a row coming here and we enjoyed every one of them. So much for the kids to do that they only come back for food. Dave is the best with all the kids and make’s it that much better.

  9. One of the best places to camp! The staff is top notch! If traveling with kids, you won’t see them from sun up to sun down with the amount of activities!

  10. I don’t get. We are avid campers and found Strawberry park one of the worst campgrounds we stayed at. It was certainly the most expensive. Now that we have stayed we would not return even for free.

    It is crowded, noisy, filthy and just plain overall terrible. This is the first negative review I have ever given and am doing so because so many seem to like it ( still don’t understand why)and wanted reviewers to have another opinion other than what I must figure to be employees writing the positive reviews.

    Dry camp, or go else ware as this is the worst and most expensive park I have ever been to (and we have been to over a 100)

  11. You will not find another Campground like this on the entire East Coast! The activities start at 8am and continue until 10pm. They have Bingo every day. The park is very secure and safe. You never have to worry about your children’s safety here.

    They have someone, we affectionately call cruise director Dave. This man has so much enthusiasm and zest for life. I have seen him show up at every activity and watched him even cleaning out fire pits after a camper has left.

    We have been repeat visitors here for the past seven years. It has become our top priority when booking summer vacations.

  12. Strawberry Park is a great campground for families. There are activities for children from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. This is what first drew us to Strawberry Park. Once we camped here, we knew we had found a great spot. The staff is great, there are activites all day long for families to do together, or for children to do on their own. The rest rooms are cleaned often, and the park is very clean and secure. We have been camped here for a 10 day vacation in the summer for the last 6 years. We always stay close to the main hub of the campground for convenience. It can be a little loud at times (bingo happens daily and is quite a big event), but when it is quiet time at night you can barely hear other campers.

  13. A fun place for a family, morning through night. Favors 12 and under, or 18 and older -how do you keep a teenager really happy. Good for weekend warriors. An on cmpus facility, do not have to leave unless you want to. Try the weekend specials – Halloween, etc.

  14. a great child friendly place. our family loves this one. the whole surroundings are perfect for us . from playgrounds to couples weekends we enjoy it here. clean and friendly and full of fun stuff if you want or qiuet if so disireed. we had an issue with a small gully on a field and the staff came out in minutes to fix it very nice for every age.

  15. This campground located in eastern Connecticut is the best run in the area. Great staff, well run activities for all ages. Nice swimming area, 3 pools, hot tubs, adult pool. There are theme weekends in both the spring and fall that are fun to attend. The price is on the high end, but is worth it for what you get in return. Near Foxwoods and Mohegan casinos.

  16. The staff are very nice and they run the activities and are well orginized. The snack bar has alot of variety and the ice cream is great. The pools and the restroom are clean. Price is a bit high but the park offers a lot so it is expected. Overall I was very happy with my stay there.

  17. We have a family of 6 and we have used Strawberry Park for over 15 years. We started with tenting and have moved up (as the children grew) to their park model homes. There are more things to do for the kids (soccer, water polo, volleyball, Frisbee golf) than they can imagine – also plenty to do for the little ones too. Adults have a separate pool to use. Just 15 min. away (if you choose) are Foxwoods and Mohegan Casinos, 25 min. more are the Rhode Island beaches. But why leave because you have everything there – the staff is beyond friendly everything is always clean (bathrooms and all) and the other campers respect each other – our highest recommendations to stay here.

  18. I love going to Strawberry park in Preston, Ct. I have been seasonal there for 10 years. It is a clean, well groomed campground with a lot of activities for all ages. The only negative there is the wireless internet connection does not always work well. Nearby attractions include casinos, and Mystic village and aquarium.

  19. Strawberry Park is a great place to camp. The park is clean and well maintained. There are many activities for children of all ages. There is also many places to visit outside the campground while you are in the area.

  20. The best place to camp ever. The campground is neat, clean and upkept. There are many playgrounds for the kids, horse back riding, 3 swimming pools, and a grill and creamery. The staff is soooo friendly too. I have been camping there for about 9 years now, and do not camp any where else

  21. We have vacationed at strawberry park for 10 or more consecutive years and will again in July of 2008 for 16 days. We love it there and will continue to vacation there year after year.


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