Mi-Te-Jo Campground – Milton NH

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This campground has a friendly well staffed crew. If you have children it is good to know there are no activities for them but they are on a lake with beaches, fishing and boating. They also have a well kept rec hall, newer equiped play areas and more. There is no problem keeping the kids and yourself busy.

They also enforce rules about bike riding, vehicle speed and overall behavior evenly. These rules seemed to include employees and campground vehicles as well as everyone else. It was a pleasure not having to warn the kids about those “weed emergency” vehicles, or explain why some people are exempt from the rules like another campground we’ve stayed at nearby. I was pleased to see employees traveling at a safe speed and everybody meeting the same set of expectations.

They campground was kept clean, the store was open on a regular basis, the staff was always helpful, approachable and freindly. They had a few old well kept tractors and had a small amount IH and John Deere etc. type items around. Not sure if that’s an interest to anyone else.

Overall it was a very nice campground oriented around children, the lake and a amount of safety that most people would feel comfortable with for relaxing stress free stay. I would recommend this campground for anyone looking for a decent lakeside experience but wishes to avoid the drive to the White Mountains or Lakes Region of NH.


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