Holly Acres RV Park – Egg Harbor City, NJ


Holly Acres was a pleasant surprise once we arrived. The staff was very friendly and eager to answer our questions. The Campground was well maintained and spotlessly clean.

Our pull-thru site was comfortably large and level. There were a significant number of seasonal campers here but, for the most part their sites were neat and well maintained. Seasonal sites were also kept in one area, which was nice.

Holly Acres is nestled on 40-acres in Southern New Jersey, and offers a peaceful camping experience, while still being close to area attractions, such as the casinos, beaches, and shopping. It’s only about 20 minutes from Atlantic City.

A quaint park where you can ride your bicycle, relax at the pool, or sit by the pond and watch the ducks swim by. Enjoy a old-fashioned campfire with your family or participate in the weekend events. The Nick-A-Demus News is available every Friday at the office listing the weekend activities, area happenings, recipes, helpful hints, and much more.

Woodalls, Wheelers and Trailer Life give this park very good ratings too! We love it and plan on returning once more before summer ends!


  1. I see on the web page that new management took over in 2015. I’m wondering how it was last year. Thinking about trying out this place to open my new RV for the season. Looking forward to getting some information about the “new” place.

  2. I was going to visit the area over Labor Day. Has this place been updated at all or are conditions the same. Just wondering if it is worth looking into or should I focus elsewhere?

  3. I’m 29 years old and I love to travel around to many campgrounds and this is like the map nuke town after the nuke went off. The place is really disgusting and moldy. Would not recommend to any other campers

  4. In my opinion Holly Acres is not the campground that everyone used to know and love. The staff was very rude, people who think they work there holler at you if you go too fast by their camper and the staff in the store are the worst customer service people that we have ever dealt with. Unless you want to sit and talk to nobody, I would never stay there. Don’t go near the lake (which used to be fantastic), you will get eaten alive and maybe a snake will visit you if you want some excitement! The owners should sell the property and make it a blueberry patch.

    • Judging from your post, maybe we campers here at Holly Acres wish you and your kind would stay away. If someone “hollers” at you to slow down, that means you were going too fast. We have children here and we don’t want them to become your hood ornament. As for wanting to sit and “talk to nobody”, that is the reason we camp. When we want company we have it, when we don’t, we don’t. As for the staff, I have only seen two instances where either the owner or the guy that kinda runs the place were even the slightest bit “unfriendly”. Once the customer didn’t think the rules pertained to him and berated the guy behind the counter until he had had enough, or when another guy was very rude to the owner but she still didn’t throw him out. For sure the guy behind the counter is not gonna win employee of the year, but I know he is never rude without a real reason. You have to push this guy’s buttons to get him to be less than cordial. I guess you pushed the wrong button unless it was the lady. Then you pushed all of them.

    • Joe camper if you were driving too fast yeah that was probably me who yelled, we have caution signs posted that children are at play and if your so rude to disregard the signs than you deserve to be yelled at. So we are glad you chose to camp elsewhere.

  5. I have stayed at Holly Acres twice now in less than a month. My wife and I love it! It’s quiet throughout the day and especially at night. I almost didn’t come here because of the comment about the people being rude and I found it to be totally the opposite. The place is clean although it’s old. It has become our favorite over campgrounds with more amenities because it’s so clean and quiet.

  6. I had the opportunity to stay at Holly Acres as a seasonal for a few years. The property is naturally nice. Unfortunately, the office staff and one of the maintenance people are very rude to the customers. After being yelled at once too often and seeing other customers spoken to in rude a disrespectful ways, I decided it was time to go. I was told by the few old timers who remained there after 20 and 30 years, that the relatively new owners were nothing like the former ones. Many many many seasonal have left and other weekenders no longer come back. The shower houses are not as clean as they should be. The upkeep is slow to happen. Wished it was different. Really wanted to stay but really, I don’t need to load thousands of dollars a year to be disrespected, yelled at, and not provided the service I paid for. Possibly there will be new owners someday and I can give it another try. Until then, I can’t recommend it to fellow campers.


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