River Walk RV Park – Coeur d’ Alene, ID


River Walk RV Park - Coeur d' Alene, IdahoThis is a small park. They charge $2 if you use a credit card. I stayed two nights, I don’t know if this was $1 per night or a flat $2 charge for using a credit card. One caveat: electricity and cable are each an extra $3 a day. The Good Sam Discount does not apply to the electricity and the cable charges.

The park is located within a short walking distance of a lot of espresso shops, and a brisk walking distance from the Riverwalk area, which has a few restaurants and grills if you don’t feel like cooking. Further, you can walk to the CityLink bus transfer station and catch a bus to events in Coeur d’Alene, or a bus to the casino in nearby Worley.

The RV slots are very close together. Fortunately, it wasn’t full when I was there, but if it were full, you could not put out your awning (but you might be able to put out your slides…). There are w/e/s hookups on both sides of the slots, take your pick. The water faucets are wrapped for winter use. One thing: the sewer is located in such a way that your electric cord and cable cord will lay across your sewer hose unless you manage to pull them up a bit (or use the sewer on the other side by stringing your hose under your rig). Outdoor cooking grills exist in different areas if you wish to barbecue.

The laundry room was very clean and had a sink (but it wasn’t a “deep sink”) for any items you may need to clean by hand. Laundry was $1.25 each for both wash and dry as of this writing. The rest rooms were clean and included a special shower for the “physically challenged.”

The wi-fi worked… fair. If you can’t get the wi-fi to work for you, there seems to be “other” wi-fi networks you can use. I am guessing these other wi-fi’s are coming from the many espresso shops nearby. There is a great pet walking area, and a small fenced children’s play area. Although the park is near the river, you can see the river only if you peek through the open sided train cars that sit on the train tracks.



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