Harborview Inn & RV Park – Garibaldi, OR


The best thing about Harborview Inn & RV Park is that you are just a few walking steps from the BEST fish and chips you have ever had (Fisherman’s Korner). Other than that, the next best thing is good cable TV, except at my spot, I had to use a double sided female connector to hook up the cable.

This RV park is by the harbor behind the motel in Garibaldi. It’s also right next to a Weyerhaeuser lumber plant. The word on the street from the “locals” is that this motel/RV park used to be a haven for “pharmaceuticals” but it had been cleaned up in the last couple of years. The best spots at this park are the ones with a harbor view. If you don’t get a harbor view spot, the rest of the park is just a big grass parking lot of RV’s. Most of the spots were “pull-in” but not “pull through.”

Tread lightly when you talk to the manager, apparently she works “90 hours a week” and is easily irritated. Lots of perms in this park. There is only one shower for the RV park. The shower appeared to have been one of the motel rooms converted to a shower room, as there was a “front section” with a couch and the shower area was the area that would have been the bathroom for that motel room. I didn’t see any laundry facilities.

The wireless was slow and sometimes hard to access. The best time to use the wireless is between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. It is free and the initial connection is unsecured, but when you start your browser you get a screen which appears to be a “third party” on a proxy server for which the motel had an account for customers to use. You could access the wireless using one of four login ID’s and passwords, then you had to keep a popup window minimized. (You don’t need to pay, although that option was also on the screen….) Once you got the connection, keeping it was difficult. Just use it for email, don’t try to do any bill paying.

If you love to go deep sea fishing, and want to stay in Garibaldi, this park is closest to the charter fishing. There are two other RV parks in Garibaldi, and I can’t say that any are better than the others. Other than for fishing, I recommend using this park only as an “overnight” if the other RV parks are not available.


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