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Bridge RV Park and Campground is a lovely little park just off the Washington State side of the Hood River Bridge (over the Columbia River) in White Salmon, WA.

The laundry room was large and clean, and has a deep sink if you need one for any reason. Although the park has free WiFi, there is also a modem hookup in the laundry room for those with a little less technology. The campground has excellent cable TV with lots of channels! There is a 24 hour convenience store right close by. The park is right on Columbia River, but none of the spots have any particular “view” of the river. I was traveling in late November and had come from Eastern Washington where it was freezing. The weather here was rainy, but definitely warm enough to use water hose without heat tape.

The Hood River Bridge is a bit “tight” to drive over. Plus, you are driving over steel rebar (I think) and not pavement. Also, there is still a toll to drive over.

Although this campground is very close to Washington state Highway 14, which can be busy, I really didn’t notice a lot of road noise.

Columbia River Gorge


  1. I just wanted to add a comment/addendum to my previous review. I originally was going to stay here one night on my way back home, but I ended up extending my stay here due to snow storms. Even when roads were clear here, I still couldn\’t go home because the roads were bad north of here. This park is a good place to be \"stranded\" if that should happen. They have their own propane station if you need. Also, instead of having me extend one day at a time, they just told me \"settle up when you leave.\" They told me if I ended up being here five days, they would let me have the weekly rate. I\’m impressed!

    • A second comment. I stayed here again for one night in May 2007, had a spot overlooking the river. If you get a spot overlooking the river, you will hear the trains all night. Didn\’t bother me, but might bother some. The spots near on the other side would be quieter.


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