Olympia Campground – Olympia, WA


Wow, a woodsy campground to make you feel like you are “away from it all” yet close to a city. The owners, who also own American Heritage Campground, work very hard to keep this like a “campground” (that happens to have hookups) and not an RV park.

I had site #14. The good news on that site is that if you are lucky, you might get the Wifi (it faded in and out). The bad news on that site is that if it rains, you get the fun of digging your sewer hose out of a “lake” that will form under your RV (but the electrical post was high enough to not be a problem). But to get the experience of being in a lovely wooded site such as this, I’m willing to make that sacrifice!

All RV sites are pull-through, but they are “side by side.” The “evens” pull in one direction, the “odds” pull in the other direction. Because of this, the RV electric spots are somewhat close together, not bad, just somewhat. Slideouts are ok, though. Lots of “big rigs” pulled in the night I stayed there. The spots are in dirt and aren’t very level. I have hydraulic stabilizing jacks, and I think I hit the limit on one of them as to how far the jacks can be extended. Further, Site #14 had a pine tree which prevented me from putting my awning out.

It was fall, and some of the smaller “decorative leaf” trees in the landscaping were in full color, making it just beautiful despite the rain that occurred while I was there. If you want to use the WiFi, you go in the office building. No cable. I had difficulty pulling in TV stations, even the digital ones, via antenna. Not sure how satellites work here.

The showers and restrooms were fairly clean. The laundry room was in the main building with the rec room, which had a pool table, and other tables where customers were busy using the WiFi. Laundry was $1.75 to wash, and 25 cents for increments of 10 minutes to dry. This seems expensive but the washers were large capacity top loaders, and the dryers were the large type you see in laundromats.

The park has a gas station and a propane station. The main building, which also has a small store, appeared to be a “folksy drop in” center, and I had a great time just talking to people that “dropped in.”

This campground is a great place for an overnight, or to “get away from it all” for a few days. The only thing I didn’t like about this campground is the route my GPS unit “suggested” to get here. I came in off WA State Highway 8 from the west. My GPS unit routed me through a semi residential/semi strip mall area, which wasn’t conducive to RV’s. I had to make a lot of “tight” turns and I swear I scraped a tire against the curb on one of those turns. There has got to be an easier way to get to this park.



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