Sprague Lake Resort – Sprague, WA

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If you are a seasoned traveler who would rather spend a quick over-night with the promise of mammoth channel cats, monster bass, and stocked to the gills steelhead trout my morning’s second cast… This is the shady, lakeside spot for you. My own son, now well grown, had an affinity for locomotives as well as fishing when he was a youngster… The sheer density of activity at Sprague Lake Resort is ideal for families with children of varied interests.

Numerous waterfowl, get your jollies fishing of several disciplines, well placed permanent playground equipment and lush grounds, are all positive value drivers for this location.

If you are looking for quietude, solitude, or isolation, stick to the national forests north/northwest of here. Full service hook-ups are available on a cafeteria style basis… That is why the price fluctuates from basic power and water only RV/5th Wheel sites, to full dump & WiFi for a nominal extra fee.

For active families who want to introduce the various styles of fishing to budding anglers, with abundant waterfowl and the added excitement of the regularly scheduled locomotive skirting the lake, there is something here for everyone.

The bath house is pristine, laundry is available on site, and the grounds are magnificently maintained beneath the shade of hundreds years old cottonwood trees.

I did not have any disturbance in my motor home during the passing trains. I would imagine the tent campers might want to include soft comfy ear-plugs for light sleepers, or children who are easily upset by noises during the night.

For myself, the gorgeous grounds and indulgent fishing opportunities far outweigh any minor annoyance caused by braking trains that punctuate the serenity of this spot.


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