Twin Fountains RV Park – Oklahoma City, OK

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I have resided in Twin Fountains RV park for 6 years on and off but mostly on. When I first got here it was pretty good and improving each year. However, wifi has been an on going problem.

In my first year I would complain since the wifi was up and down. An excuse was always offered. Turns out they got another Internet Service Provider and the service improved but not perfect. Recently we had an Oklahoma Gas & Electric have their transformer go down twice in two weeks causing damage to the wifi which was in the process of switching to another Internet Service provider at the same time. Every year the electric goes down here in peak summer and low winter temperatures. Anyway, the new internet service provider is only supplying substandard service which means almost no service. The owner of this RV park just told me if the wi-fi here doesn’t meet my needs to get my own Internet service even though I pay $650/month in rent.

This is also the same owner who will not hesitate to charge you should you attempt to turn on or off your water supply which can easily break in super cold temperatures. Bottom line, if you depend on the wifi for work or entertainment do NOT come here. I won’t be here much longer.


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