Squaw Rock Resort – Naches, WA


A little pricy for the few amenities offered. This park has changed hands a lot recently and the new owners have been there for just a year or so, but I think they are charging to much. We paid $30. a night for partial hookups. Because we were right on the river, sewers are not allowed, but there there was neither WiFi or TV available. Full hookups along the road are $35. Saying that, they did offer a nice restaurant, small but nice pool, laundromat which I only found when we were leaving. The ground is mostly dirt and rocks as the grass that was there is now gone.

There are a few pull thrus but not many and they are right on the road. Stay away from the ones near the dump as the odor was very noticeable.

Located about 20 miles west of Natches WA on Hwy 410 (Mile Marker 104) its really the only game in town. I believe there is another dry camp just east called Jim (something)Community Park but thats all we saw. We ate at the restaurant and it was good and the staff was friendly and helpful. Continuing west along 410 are two more excellent restaurants.

The cabins are nice. I am sure this is heavily used in the fall by hunters. Fishing and hiking in the area is also available.

Its a work in progress and I see a brighter future but right now, I don’t think we will be back. The staff was friendly but not particularly helpful. The park was nice but hot and dusty and with little grass,and if it rained it would be really muddy. The river was really full due to our heavy snows and if a little kid got into it now, they would be gone. Heck, it would sweep an adult away. But it was beautiful to see and should have less water as summer progresses.



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