Sun Lakes Park Resort – Coulee City, WA


Sun Lakes Park Resort operates on State-owned land under a concession permit from Washington State, and is located right next to Sun Lakes/Dry Falls State Park.

Spots are rather close together, on grass, mixture of pull-through and back-in. I had a pull-through, which was quite long. The pull-throughs are “side by side,” i.e., the “evens” pull in one way and the “odds” pull in the other way. One good thing about the “closeness” of the sites, if it gets windy here (which it did the night I was here), the wind won’t hit you that much.

Each site has a picnic table. There are trees providing partial shade. Bathrooms were ok, not perfect, probably due to how busy the park was. There is a good sized laundry room for the park. Wi-Fi was iffy. There was an “unsecured” wi-fi in the RV section, and a “secure,” password protected wi-fi for use near the check-in office. The “unsecured” wi-fi had very low connectivity, probably due to lots of people using it. The “secure” wi-fi worked if you took your laptop to the office. Verizon Air Card didn’t work here, although the cell phone would get a signal if you stood in the right area. There are a couple of pay phones if your cell phone doesn’t work.

There is a little store, and small fast food serving local cuisine, to include a good German sausage on the menu. The putt-putt course was nice. Make sure you bring a good supply of DVD’s, as you won’t get any TV reception over the antenna. I have a “wingman” on my antenna and I still couldn’t get any TV. There were some power fluctuations while I was there. If you have one of those expensive surge protectors from Camping World, they will fit on the poles. Recommend using one if the park is really busy.

For people concerned about junk mail, this resort automatically puts you on a mailing list unless you specifically think to ask/tell them not to. If you stamp your feet and insist on it, they will write a note on the your registration saying not to add you to mailing list (but who knows if anyone pays attention to this!).


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