Outback RV Park – Craig, MO


I had just crossed the Missouri State Line on Interstate 90 and there were NO RV parks in sight for miles, according to any source that I had. I just randomly took an exit, hoping to find SOMETHING. I weasled around, and ended up in Craig, MO.

Oh my, a sign! Outback RV park, 2 blocks away! I drove to it. Oh my. Seven spaces on grass near an alley behind the buildings on main street. I saw some local towns people, so I inquired as to whether I would be safe. I was assured that I would be safe. I called the “after hours” phone number on the sign, only to get voice mail. I left a message that I was there, and I would pay if they found me.

I finally located the owner at a local community fish fry (which I attended) that happened to be occurring that night. I paid, and he told me he didn’t have any receipts. If you arrive during the day, you pay at the local hardware store.

Now, for what you get. Park has 30 amp and 50 amp, and sewer. There is only one water faucet, a community one. That’s pretty much it. I wouldn’t enter the park from the street, there is a slight rut along the street. I would go into the alley and drive anywhere on the grass from the alley. (This might be cumbersome if you have a toad.)

The park can accommodate big rigs, but it might be cumbersome having to come through the alley. The neighbors next to the RV park have a barky dog that you may have to put up with, and trains do shake the ground. But for $15 (price as of this writing), you can put up with this for one night.

Warning, I did get some occasional power surges on 30 amp. Verizon Air Card barely worked.


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