Tower Rock at Gifford Pinchot NF – Randal, WA

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Gifford Pinchot National Forest has some great campgrounds and while it would be a stretch to call Tower Rock “great”, its not bad. They offer dry camping only and it doesn’t open until mid May, but it does have fire-rings and picnic tables.

Information states that Tower Rock can accommodate RV’s up to 22′ long, but I think longer ones will fit in most of the sites. (If I had my ruthers, I would chose Site 2 as my first choice and Site 1 as second as they are both along the Crispin River.) They offer pit toilets, no dumps and drinking water is available.
The area has lots of hiking trails, including one for the blind that is about a mile long. Trout fishing here is very popular.
Rates are $16-18 per night. While they take reservations, I would come during the week and try to avoid the reservation fee.

Other camps in the area are Iron Creek, and North Fork which are also dry. There is a private RV park in the area also… I saw the signs, but didn’t check it out.

While your in the area, if you have a vehicle other than the RV, check out Layser Cave. The road up to it is narrow and I wouldn’t want to meet another car on it, and the parking is a wide spot in the road. The cave is pretty interesting and the views are spectacular.


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