Bar S RV Park – Grants, NM


Bar S RV Park has full hookups, showers, laundry, free wi-fi, great cable (even if all analog), and all for the low, low price of $15 as of this writing (rate before Good Sam discount and taxes)! Such a bargain! At these prices, if you ask for the Good Sam rate, you should go out and spend that $1.50 somewhere (the amount of the discount) just to provide economic stimulus! I casually asked the desk person how they could have all of this for just $15! She kind of looked at me like…. “what do you mean, this is normal!”

The sites are gravel. The only landscaping is that most of the sites have a large pine tree. I was put into a back-in because I wasn’t towing a car. The back in was against a fence. I have a 32 foot motorhome with a bike carrier on the back, and my front stuck out an itsy bitsy bit into the driving area, but not bad.

The pull-throughs can accommodate big rigs. Try to avoid getting put into spaces 60, 61 and 62. Those spaces are at the top of the driving loop, and require “parallel parking.” Let’s just say, when the RV’s come around the driving loop, I wouldn’t want to be in those particular spaces.

The WiFi worked on and off, sometimes it would work fine, and then it would “hang.” But at these prices, you can’t complain! When it hung, I got out my Verizon air card, and no problem.

In addition to the “standard” rules, the park had a rule about “no alcohol outside your RV.” I’m sure there was a good reason for this. Because I was racing to stay ahead of a snow storm, I didn’t get to check out the laundry and showers. Temperatures were dropping as I checked in, and the next morning, I got out as soon as I could to stay ahead of the storm.

If you are in this area and need an inexpensive place to overnight, this is a good choice!


  1. $17.00 for friendly and efficient service, full hook-ups, WIFI, and shower. I’d call Bar S a good bargain! The Crow’s give this Mom and Pop shop two thumbs up.

  2. Although the price is good you might have a hard tme sleeping through the night because of the amount of frequent train noise, every thing alse seems to be great..


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