Point South KOA – Yemassee, SC

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Point South KOA is located just off I-95 Exit 33 & US 17 Interchange. We always wanted to stop over here because of the hottub advertised. Figured we could have a drink and relax after a long drive, but we always stopped in Richmond Hill (the GA State Park–beautiful place) or just kept going north to Enfield, NC KOA (a nice place too).

Well, we’re a little sorry we stopped by last December. We were stuck in “inexplicable” traffic for almost an hour heading north. When the traffic just dematerialized for no more reason than it materialized in the first place, we jumped off at Point South. Do visit the small kitchen knife outlet there… very good cooking stuff and good outlet prices. We were surprised at the number of regulars there in their trailers… not something we normally like to see (sorry to be honest: a little seedy). We didn’t care for the closeness of the trees in the back-in, and discovered the next morning (after running around… nice trails, but watch out for the resident gator!) that the water had been turned off due to some emergency that had a plumber and his assistant sitting around smoking cigarettes and staring at the younger female campers, while I had to dip in the hot tub for a shower (sorry about that, but what was I goonna do?).

The place is all dirt, so it was especially muddy that morning. Now for the good aspects: the management and employees were all very nice (and some of them were the permanent residents, so my little “seedy” comment is mainly directed at the state of disrepair of some of their units and sites).

The walking trails and nearby area is safe and quiet (you can’t hear I-95 but you’re about a quarter mile from it). There’s a lot of shade trees, and they deliver a good little frozen pizza to go with your cold one after a long day of driving in traffic.



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