Beaver Dam Lodge RV Resort – North Beaver Dam, AZ

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In my opinion the management at Beaver Dam RV Resort was not the least bit accommodating.

We asked the manager where our small group could have a meet and greet and play lawn games the next day. She showed us a grassy patch adjacent to their patio (Which we were advised we were not welcome to use). She said the only stipulation was that we not serve alcohol.

That evening we set up our tables and chairs, spread out our potluck and beginning to fill our plates, when the manager came out and made a public scene. “You have to get out of here right now. You can’t have food here.” When we reminded her of our arrangements, she said, “I never said anything like that”

Our group is elderly, ranging in age from mid sixties to early nineties, and has several disabled members. Needless to say, the logistics of moving our tables and chairs, food laden tables, filled dinner plates and our disabled members was a great challenge.

Apparently we didn’t move fast enough, because she then stepped out on the patio and said, “get out of here immediately!”

Earlier in the day, one member was unable to connect to the electrical supply. She told him it was his problem.

Our warning to others: Avoid this place! They are not friendly.


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