Circus Circus KOA – Las Vegas, NV

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The KOA is a big parking lot right behind Circus Circus, which is at the top of the Strip. A bit pricey: $40 for a regular site. The expensive sites are justified as having Walmart outdoor table/chair sets on end sites with a little grass. Neither of us thought they were worth the extra money. The heat is so intense in mid-May that we rarely saw anyone sit outside during sunshine hours. The pool is great; hot tub is good, too. An excellent Camp store… the best KOA camp store either one of us has ever seen. Helpful and friendly staff. Safe and secure, too. The casino is one of the oldest, at this point, and the buffet is like school cafeteria food. Another problem: sales people (timeshares, shows, etc…) literally badger you rudely in the casino halls–something that never happens at the Luxor, which is a LONG bus ride (b/c of the traffic, but unwalkable b/c of the heat), and which has a buffet that costs three dollars more but is exquisitely good. Also try NY NY, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, or Paris. Avoid The Sands and Sahara–same problems with Circus Circus. The wife thought that Circus Circus was “seedy”. I disagree with the term. Old, tattered ar substandard would be my terms.

The campground is fine, though. It’s literally almost a mile walk from the campsites to the Strip, via the casino, but there’s no other way to get there, short of hopping a cement block perimeter fence that secures that campground. You can workout by running the campground early in the morning–it’s almost a mile each circuit. Your dogs will need exercise there because the heat will keep them cooped up in the AC all day. Driving your tow vehicle is insane! (i.e., no parking and traffic!). There’s a couple of good restaurants in the casino–try those instead of the cafeteria food buffet.


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