Kingman KOA – Kingman, AZ

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We’re hooked up here at Kingman KOA right now as this is written. This campground has good cell phone service, great cable line-up, and beautiful flowering oleander beside our site (and between all the other sites).

Met some nice regulars. There are several trailers here, maybe from a decade or so ago when Kingman was on the skids and the campground was looking for long-term renters. They seem to be here just for a few older people and the employees now.

It’s a little out of the way, so follow the signs closely. Friendly staff, nice pool and clean laundry room. Some international campers… from Europe, add a little spice to the stay.

The downside… a guy, who’s wife must have told him to get out for awhile, at the pool provided me with every single detail about his itinerary and the prices he’s been paying for gas. PAINFUL–the guy kept talking when I went underwater. Ah, the people you meet on the road. It’s an hour and a half to Vegas and about two hours out of the east entrance to the Grand Canyon.


  1. I’m confused about the previous remarks made about this park by vancouple? You’re slamming this park because of a man who got out for some fresh air & talked to you a bit too much? Then you went out running in the area of the disappearing burrowing owls & proceeded to bother them? I would prefer to know details of the park, not your personal problems.

  2. went there again last night on the run east from vegas. More quiet than last time–staff even friendlier than before. A really nice place. Spoke with one of the permanent residents and she told me about the disappearing burrowing owls that are in an adjacent lot (next to the dog walk–facing 40), so I went out there and ran the roads (it\’s a development-ready lot about a square mile big), and we saw a burrowing owl! Very nice. Also, plenty of easy-on/easy-off shopping, including supermarkets and a walmart, on the way in from the western exit.


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