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While Pahrump Station RV Park is well landscaped and each site has a bit of green grass and trees, (in the desert), we were very disappointed in this park and it has soured us on corporate campgrounds.

We called for reservations (Best Western) over a month ago and that was no problem. The advertisements said phone internet, free cable TV at every site, and large pull-ins. Well, our TV didn’t work and it turned out that none of them worked in the section they put us in. Also while the price wasn’t bad, the extras added up the cost. tax was extra, (I have never had added tax before), Phone internet was extra – okay it was only a dollar a day, but I find it to be annoying to use phone internet after WiFi. Electricity was also extra, and while only $2. a day, I just kept wondering when it would stop. Now I don’t think folks shouldn’t consider this place, but when you call for reservations, ask lots of questions and get names… There are lots of RV parks in town and surely some will have better customer service.

By the way, there were lots of open sites where cable did work, and we were not told about them.


  1. The RV Park is aboslutely a 10. Landscaping, large spaces, well laid out, convenient & the price is awesome as is the staff. They actually treat the people staying there like adults–no obnoxious speed bumps (because people are to stupid to slow down??) The price is ridiculously fair on a monthly basis. We used to spend 4 times as much to stay near Palm Springs where the spaces were hobbit sized, the noise, the speedbumps outweighed the amenitites such as multiple swimming pools and a rec hall with activities. Great place to stay and will will continue to return for a few months each & every year.

    • Responding to the first comment from Desertthron above. I don’t know what year you stayed here, but the wifi (while a little weak is FREE as is the cable TV & if there were open spots you would like better all you have to do is go ask the staff….they are always agreeable. Either you have not stayed very many places to compare this with or you need to travel more.


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