Sunrise Valley RV Park – Mina, NV

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Mina, Nevada is a poor little town, bordering on being a ghost town, but the Sunrise Valley RV Park is an oasis of green. and a very pleasant surprise.

There are tons of great spaces for the longest of rigs. The bathroom is clean and neat and private, and WiFi for an extra $2.00. Now they say that there is TV but we were unable to find it and our antenna only picked up one blurry channel. But we have satellite so it really wasn’t a problem for us. Rock hounders would love this park as they can talk business with the owner. ATVers have a whole huge desert behind the park to explore.

Reservations are probably not necessary except for the largest of rigs if you plan to get in early. We were here on a Monday night and the place was about 3/4s full by dark.


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