Blue Sky RV Park – Preston, WA


Preston is a small community near Issaquah. When I called to make reservations, I didn’t have to provide a credit card number! This is great! The bad news is… the park doesn’t take credit cards, or participate in any discount programs. But on the good side, you can write a check! The prices, to me, were a bit high compared to other parks with similar amenities. However, Preston is an unincorporated “bedroom community” to Seattle, and I believe the prices reflect this.

There were a lot of full-timers in the park, in “middle of the road” RV’s – not fancy, but not really old models, either. The driving area through the park is a bit steep. To get to my assigned site, I had to go down a steep road, then turn a banked corner, and I felt like I was going to tip over! But on the good side, I got a pull-through site! Since the park is located on a steep grade, the spaces are terraced down the grade.

If you like to walk, the steep grade hills will give you a good workout. The spaces are somewhat close together, but not too bad. (I have been in worse…) I was given a pretty long space. In my particular space, the hookups were in the center of the slot. If I pulled forward to get close to the hookups, my front would be sloping downward. To avoid the downward slope, I had to sit toward the back of the space, but use extra long cables and hoses. Oh well.

There are lots of very tall pine trees to give you the feeling of being out in nature and out in the country. The rest room has a “handicap access” concrete ramp, but the concrete is a bit bumpy. Those in wheel chairs or “hoverounds” will have a rough ride to get to the restrooms. The laundry room has a good supply of washers and dryers for the park size. The shower/restroom building was clean.

The park also features a small recreation room that has a great TV, a treadmill, and a good selection of books to read. There is a pay phone, but currently it’s not working. There is a cute little fish pond with a bench where you can “sit a spell.” The park does not have WiFi, but Verizon AirCard worked just fine.

The owner is really very nice and helpful. This is a very relaxing park if you just want to “chill” for a few days.


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